Air blowers

Being in operation since 1987, GVS Techni Quip has cemented themselves on a solid foundation as importers and suppliers of leading West European manufacturers of industrial equipment. Sporting with an exponential growth rate, GVS quickly earned the spot as one of the top suppliers of quality machinery and equipment to a variety of industries such as metal packaging, printing and finishing enterprises.

Due to its diverse nature, GVS also recognised the demand for air blowers and embarked on a mission to find a reputable manufacturer of air blowers to be added to their list of specialised services.  ELEKTROR Airsystems was soon identified as their fabricator of choice due to their ability to produce air blowers of exceptionally high standards since 1923.

With the uses of air blowers being an extremely diverse area of specialty, importing a range suitable for the South African market demanded attention to detail and in-depth market research in order to provide a level of service synonymous with excellence.

Air blowers manufactured from durable stainless steel is now also available in South Africa and include high speed options available as standard on certain machines.  Boasting with a compact design, air blowers manufactured by ELEKTROR and supplied by GVS Techni Quip are considered to be state-of-the-art by competitors as high power outputs are achieved while remaining energy efficient.

Since air blowers are popular for uses ranging from the entertainment industry (used for jumping castles and inflatable mascots) to the mining industry where explosion proof blowers are required, GVS Techni Quip recognises the individuality of each and every field and continuously manages to raise the bar on their consulting and supply capabilities, regardless of how big or small the operation.